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AdventureLog 31

Back home

The undisposed treasure from prior logs:
Bloodstone (50 gp), Carnelian (50 gp), Chrysoprase (50 gp), [totalled]
Citrine (50 gp), Onyx (50 gp), Quartz (50 gp), 2 x Star rose quartz (50 gp), [totalled]
Spell Scroll (Detect Evil and Good),
Potion of Climbing, [Trogdor]
Silk Hunter’s Cap threaded with Platinum (25 gp), [totalled]
Carved Wooden Staff (25 gp) [totalled]
3 art pieces (#25) [totalled]
2 scimitars 2 rapiers

[Log 26. From the sphinx]
13000 gp, [totalled]
1500 pp, [totalled]
Garnet Figurine (of a Goddess of Destruction) set with Jet (750 gp), [totalled]
Small Tapestry threaded with Fine Steel (750 gp), [totalled]
Leopard Fur Cloak (750 gp), [totalled]
Tooled Leather Coat (750 gp), [totalled]
2 x Bolt of Electrum Cloth (750 gp), [totalled]

(-100 gp for carpenters. accounted.) [totalled]
(-250 gp for our tiefling’s network.) [totalled]
(-15,000 gp Tower, fortified.) [totalled]
(-2,500 gp Theater.) [totalled]
(-2,500 gp Library.) [totalled]
(-2,000 gp Trogdor Carousing). [totalled]

- totalled -
10,100 gp [acrued]

Rescue human prisoner from 2nd floor. He’s jonesing for baked goods. His name is Fabrique Monkay.
Pyramid of the Trog collapses. Fabrique will become skilled hireling (2 gp/day) steward.

Weird compass now pointing west most of the time. Compass ratchets and spins occasionally. No longer pointing towards temple.

Being tracked by Gnolls. They got dead after Trodor starts levitating.

4 pp [acrued]
26 sp [acrued]
184 gp [acrued]

Trogor reads his book. Bonus damage for attack just following rage. Recurrent passage in unknown language.

Make it back to Traveler’s rest.

Grumph is on the unfinished house with a whip. Harassing workers. Arc’Terix cast invisible on Grumph again. “Where my hands”

Into town. Human with dragon mask recognizes Trogdor. “He has returned as it was fortold. I gotta tell the guys.” Trogdor follows the disciple. Arc’Terix and Sander continue to tavern.

Unic (our teifling) is actually cogent.
Rumor was we were killed. Check with Reginald (Ada Tada’s son) leader of adventure guild.

One of the two council seats has been filled, Mithelye, some half-elf Aristocrat type bitch. Don’t know much about her except she thinks she’s better than everyone else. She hasn’t done anything too crazy since gaining her new role though. unskilled drunken spy master bonus of 250 gp. ( 2gp/day skilled hireling) Job to polish and deliver copper coins for Rat King.

Expansions to Guildhall structure.
Library: 2500 gp. 15 days. (might not be needed if we build a Manor)
Advantage on arcana, history, nature, religion
Theater: 2500 gp. 15 days.
Advantage on perform. Bonus inspiration.

Ongoing daily cost for Skilled Hirelings:
Drunken Spymaster; Uniq; 2 gp;
Steward; Fabrique; 2 gp;

Building Tower or Noble Manor as new structure.

Trogor receives hero-deity welcome at Colosseum. “Show us the true way” (basically, kick the shit out of something in the arena.) “WELCOME TO THE TROGLOSSEUM!” -Trogdor
Trogor murders and Anubian. The crowd goes insane.

Trogdor says bring on the next one. A wraith made of fire (firegeist) shows up. Trogdor makes short work of that as well. Trogdor is still under the influence of immunity to alcohol.

Going to adventure guild. Confront Reginald. He claims ignorance. Gave us names of three of his subordinates. Reginald has two tentacle rods.

Trogdor murders aphitere and skitterling.

A giant block party ensues. A Colosseum full of people are maximally excited.

Sander nopes out when he gets made while wearing a hat of disguise.

Grumph has more stuff.
Rat King has more stuff.

Visit Rat King. Tells us Birtha’s disciple Rasanz is behind plot to trying to murder us. Reginald smells like marble cologne. Doesn’t smell like sandstone or granite.

Rasanz: Male dwarf scholar. He wears expensive clothing and a sling of vials and potions. Has support of city dwarves and a significant portion of dwarven trade goes through him
Allied with Britha. Wants to be in the council, currently nullified by relationship with Britha, who was leader of Vecna cult.

Let’s go to Tinkerton. ~20 days. Earl Jackson enforces roads.


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