mike's epicest epic

Notes from the sewer adventures

Rough notes from the last 2 sessions in the sewers

Room numbers are based on the order in which we entered them, not the numbers generated by donjon/mike.


room X:
entered the room we skipped
motes broke off from the beam of light and we fought them

floor 2:
room 1:
trogdor flame handsded the gas spore
then ploofed to astral plane
gas spore asploded
spiders and crocodiles attack the party
killed everything eventually…
some poison, lots of damage
trogdor vs crocodiles very funny saves
room 2:
rough stove
pallet for sleeping
bones of dead humanoids
24 gp in stone debris
room 3: trog-door equipped
room 4:
“mungo” door to the east
trogdor kicks down west door while party goes east
mungo door opens when dudes in west door run and flip switch
room 5:
a big ass shield guardian
we fight
arc’teryx basically did everything with heat metal
sander and trogdor missed a lot
but when trogdor did hit it was usually decent
also crazy magic damage reduction for trodor
took hits like a serious tank
trogdor went down for the second time
92 gp

We mopped up that Mungo shield guardian…

in the same room:
we discuss that constructs are associated with WIZARDS!

we go back a bit to the unopened iron doors:
“the usual fashion”
trogdor failed, hurt himself
sander failed, it was lightning trapped, but barely escaped
trypan failed, because behind the door was spiders
trypan got webbed and poisoned
sander shot one
arc’ killed one and danced away
trogdor did the oil flask fire breath thing
arc’teryx did a twist&flip+hair tustle over the gnome, AND hit a spider with his whip, for the killing blow
second flip whip kill after trogdor smashed the one that shot itself the eyes twice with web
trypan tells the party that the spiders probably have a lot to do with the drow, the drider, and lolth, the goddess of “treachery and spiders and shit”
trogdor considers eating spiders
arc’teryx eats some after failing to convince trog to
it’s… just okay

back in the Mungo room:
long rest

we approach the unopened door to the north
trogdor listens and smells
it was trapped… trogdor got poison damage
he then kicked it down
kitchens are due east. lunch smells good.
the assassins probably take their meals here

we take the hallway south
it leads around to the kitchen, too
no one is there
weapons lying around
we eat what slightly overcooked food was there
smells like warm bedding to the east, to trogdor
north has no smells

to the east
barracks, apparently
we made sander invisible and let him explore
lots of rope and several dark gray cloaks
the cloaks carry the symbol for vecna

sander, invisible, explores another hallway south
it goes pretty far…
it’s a door back to the room with the dead guy

sander goes south past the barracks
hallways for days

sander goes north past the barracks
“this appears to be where the magic happens”
meeting room with tables, lighting, book cases
anyone who was here has left
there’s a note… which we ignore

we go south around some bends:
sander, invisible, finds 4 enemies
trogdor gives him oil flasks
sander lays down oil flasks under the guys
trogdor sneaks up and ignites one of them
can’t speak; bubbles from mouth (tides of chaos)
we assassinate, magic, and maul them
sander one-shot the caster
we get 30 gp!

we find the stairs, but clear the floor:
sander takes the note from the table
“you have done well. accept this treasure as a token of my gratitude and as payment for future donations”
bookcase on northern wall

we find a room with people actively dying to the north
there’s a symbol not to vecna here
probably lolth
a dark skinned elf saunters in from an alcove to the south
says slippery, hissing quality stuff
she has two giant spiders with her
arc’ makes her scale mail glow red hot
trogdor smacks her with an oil flask in a pillow
also a maul
we continue to fight…
she poisons trogdor
trogdor greased himself
she and her spiders were some tough cookies
but we eventually got ’em
she had a “scourge” weapon… not cool. also roasted scale mail
we got 185 gp!

south of the murder room, “southern alcove”:
symbols to vecna are messed up
symbol to lolth is in their place
mostly dead assassins in this area
likely killed by priestess to lolth
likely re-consecrating area to lolth

north west room:
phase spiders
92 gp
spider’s poison HURTS
one of them phases…

treasure room!!!!:
3117 gp!
potion of healing!
note in undercommon!

we should say hi to the rat king on the way out:
gives us rewards for fighting assassins:
3x potion of greater healing
total gold is 8827 gp
spell scroll (Calm)
Goggles of Night

total xp: 9500 / 4 = 2375


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