mike's epicest epic



  • Library
    • Iianed: researching Vekna in the library, she’s not evil
    • Arc’teryx distracted her while Sandor stole her books
  • Temple District
    • met priests; showed them our lich deity (Vekna) symbol; they threw it in holy water / took it away because it’s basically a deity listening device
    • there is a Vekna cult in town; leader is one of the 9 town leaders
  • Alternate tavern
    • waiting for assassin guild contact, they don’t show
  • We heard (where?) that Carl the Druid is investigating near our land
  • Arc’teryx… (something more here?)
  • Home
    • found Carl
      • Carl spoke with the pig for a while
      • he’s friends with the ents; there are other, baby ents about, but they won’t grow / be sentient for many years (20-50… or more?)
      • Arc’teryx’s pig is a pig-knight?
      • Carl said to check out the house
    • we searched home and found a passage behind (in/through?) the stove
      • down some steps, trap
      • secret room
      • found another secret room behind stove in secret room
        • fought/killed 3 shadows and a shadow demon
  • Carousing
    • Trogdor: won 200gp (arm wrestling?)
    • Trypan: goes to jail
    • Sandor: 39gp gambling
    • Arc’teryx: remember getting drunk with a human who boasts being a king in a distant realm, gets a diamond
  • Arena
    • wagered 1,000gp, won… 2,000gp?
    • giant scorpion, some close calls, maybe Trogdor should have…
      • kited more with ranged attacks
      • been inspired by the party bard prior to battle
      • not completely missed (roll 1s and miss with high dmg ranged attacks)
  • Meta
    • DMG pg. 138; probably 2000gp – 3000gp for a +1AC magic item (bracers / ring / armor improvement)


michaelshelak Mateles

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