Human Researcher Rogue


Classes/Level: Rogue 1
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Str: 8
Int: 16
Dex: 18
Wis: 8
Con: 15
Cha: 12



Sage Background:
The first thing Sander stole was his education. Too poor to afford school. Eaves dropping on lectures, breaking into labs and libraries.

Specialty: Researcher
Working with fences, pawners, and merchants to determine what something is and how much it’s worth, or find someone who knows.

Trait: Speaks slowly to idiots (everyone else)
Ideal: Knowledge == Power. Need more power.
Bond: Attempting to find all the tomes of the works, Mayer’s Marvelous Mechanics.
Flaw: Unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the cost of a civilization

Sander’s bag of holding is filled mostly with books. When acquiring new items to put into the bag, a book or two usually has to be removed in order to make space.


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