PC Trinkets
Your name – Your trinket

Mayer’s Marvelous Mechanics
- A document obtained by Sander at the beginning of the adventure, inexplicably dedicated to Sander himself. Seeming to be of a magical nature, this tome is filled with useful information regarding lock picking and other subjects of interest to a rogue. Portions of the text are in other languages, some familiar, some not. There are several references to other volumes of work. Oddly, some of these references are dated far in the future.

The Beholders and the cataclysm of 1219
- A document found by ShadowStrike outlining a devastating event to occur in the near future. This book is written as a historical volume and the date of it’s creation is far in the future. This sheaf of papers is dedicated to Shadowstrike.

Weird shrine from Ryan/Toby’s dungeon
A eye in the palm of a desiccated hand. As yet unidentified by the party.


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