DND 5th edition via Fantasy Grounds.
With Dungeon Designer 3, campaign cartographer 3, and city designer 3.

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This campaign is set in the DM’s own created land of Torsia. World-building is ongoing, but very fun so far, so the world should continue to develop more and more as the campaign progresses. Please keep an eye on the wiki for new details as they emerge.

We are set in the Year 1217 PT (Post Tearing), an event which split the continent and elevated the eastern portion several miles (at the point of the tear) above the western side. Civilization underwent an enormous change at the time of Tearing and most kingdom’s were reduced to rubble. People huddled together mostly with their own races during this time. These dark ages ruled until roughly 1000 PT.

At this time, kingdoms have been re-established, sketching out rough borders, while trade has increased the inter-mixing of the races once again. For the most part, the larger humanoid races are on the far eastern border of the continent (Humans, Dragonborn, Tiefling), while the other races are toward the west (Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves). What lies beyond the tear is a mystery to all but a few. The land to the west simply ends in a sheer cliff face of several miles. The water route is dangerous and long and the dwarves closely and jealously guard their own secret paths to the lower lands.

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