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Adventure Log 32 - 37

Adventure logs [ 32 to 37 ]

Adventure Log 37

Dwarves and a halfling show up. Dwarves agree to take Trogdor back to Trypan (cleric) at Traveler’s rest.
Arc’Terix gives them a lit torch with the charge to keep it near and never extinguish it.

Order induced headache gone.

Zell gives reward:
Arc’Terix: 3 rings. Proof against scrying & location

Zell proposes joining Priesthood of Fickle Lady. Arc’terix says, “Consider it considered.”

Sander steals two potions of healing while Arc’Terix is performing as Trogdor. (distributed)

Run into Gruel’s minions guarding a bridge.

Adventure Log 36

At Dingleberry:
Casing the joint: a few low level magic stuff.

The Zell Job: Fetch and carry for lady of chaos (his diety). Box with cards. Don’t interact with them. Instructions on box. Bring back to Zell.

Zell thinks we’re working on his team (vs Vecna)
Arc’Terix uses greater image and conversation with Zell to get approximation of what box looks like. So we know what it looks like before going in.

Temple to the Judge. Sander goes to case the joint. Low symetrical stone building. Entrance facing West. Renzia and Ronnie: Temple of Law

Found a duck named “American Eagle” (heard of order of “Ruckus Duckus”)
Populated by Githzerai
Kill temple denizens.
Smash orb. Found box in a bit of water inside the orb.
Trogdor drinks the water… it’s stale and bad.
Retrieves box. Trogdor opens the box.

Trogdor draws cards from the box (deck of many things) 5 cards.
loses his soul. drops. bodily fine. non-playable.

Take box back to Zell.
Gives us three rings. Impervious to magical scrying and location spells. Amulet Against Proof of Detection and Location.
Finding books might be what Vecna wants.
Aligning with Chaos might be the way to actually oppose Vecna.
(On the other hand, so might be some high level magic shit to hit Vecna in the face)

exp 2917 + 150

Adventure Log 35

Investigating the Flambe scene:
body: pants are down. stabbed upward from under the ribs. surprised. was there last night during the party.
Had a thing with Flow.

Pack up tents & carry on.
Mister Misser missed a juggle.
Challenged him to a juggle off.
He missed another one.
Was a doppleganger. It is dead.

Sander takes the fire related items from Flambe’s possessions for Trogdor. (dm resolve later)

Putting out the story of “Who punched Gruel in the face again.”

Town of Dingleberry:
Very clean.
Bar not open all day.
Denizens are very particular about cleanliness.
Mild headache for Arc’teryx
Rigidly orderly.

Zell also suffering from headaches. From all the order (lawfulness).

Books and earthquakes probably linked.

Zell and Arc have conversation about order vs chaos. Order being Vecna and everyone being undead under single leader.

Note for next session:
Investigate the shit out of Dingleberry for Vecna connection or source of order.

Adventure Log 34

Abercrombie barrowed by Peony (circus trainer)

Rumors from Uniq:
Careful around city.

Bought magic stuff from dwarf council member’s merchant

Menagie headed to Tinkerton and Gruel is along the way, so we’re going with them.

Alley, everthing goes silent. Attacked by bellowing camels. Trogdor over complicates situation by not trying to kill them and subdue them.
Arc’teryx attempts to reason with Camels. Casts dimension door. Then forms a mob to go to Trodgor.

Trogdor and Sander climb the buildings and leave.

Uniq discovers source of deaths to be camels. Death by camel toe.

Menagerie Cast:
Carter: 1/2 jovial leader. shrewd business man.
Peony: barbarian head trainer. speak with animals.
Zell: A tiefling. The Carnival Barker.
Jerrry, Flow, Curly: Manual labor.
Tosser: Never seen him miss a throw. Often feeding objects to the other guys performing.
Mister Misser: Seems to have some sort of spike embedded in the space right between his eyes that’s been cut-off instead of removed. Pretty much just groans and bumps into stuff in daily life, BUT appears to be something of a savant when it comes to juggling. Can juggle 7 differently shaped objects, rotating the oblong ones whatever the number of rotations called out.
Nimble: Likes to run around while juggling up to five objects and do flips and stuff.
Flipper: Performs most of the stuff on the ground. Acts as the base for Gazelle.
Gazelle: The aerialist, does most of the moving from low to high and high to low. Does some trapeze stuff also.
Heave: Pretty fucking strong. Function seems to be tossing Gazelle up onto stuff.
1 Flambe: Alleged to make the biggest fires on the continent.
2 Silly Willy: Mute, likes to stomp around and do jazz hands.
3 Swallow: Swallow’s…everything, swords, parasol’s… Everyone seems to be friendly with her.
1 Natural: Singer
2 Sharp: Plays common songs at an octave ½ higher than you’d normally hear it.
3 Flat: Plays common songs at an octave ½ lower than you’d normally hear it.
Natural seems to bridge the gap between them, creating very intriguing chords and structure between the two others. Somehow makes their shit work.
Marcus: Performs sleight of hand as a magician, but cheats due to being a low level wizard. “Studying was a pain in the ass, so I just learned the basics and ran off to join the circus.”

Starting Travel with Menagerie:
Tension with the companions.
Man in suit with eyes made of fire banner. The Jefferson Menagerie. Sworn allegiance to demons for increased profits.
Get conscripted to attack other group. Subdue only. Arc’teryx tries to convince an enemy sentry to give up.
Fight a bunch of animals. Unicorn shows up. Fog inside of tent. Lit tent on fire.

Find a liquified body? And what might be a tent spike. Noticing that someone is missing in the morning, but nobody is missing in the afternoon. On the look out for an impostor.

Counter attack by Jefferson Menagerie. Greater invisibility on Trogdor and brutality ensues. Take a gladiator and two elven archers prisoner. Prisoners are trussed up on table. Celebrate into night.

Found a dead clown, Flambe.

Menagerie Murder Mystery.

Theory: Doppleganger

Adventure Log 33

Got back to manor after failed ambush.

Arc’teryx goes to visit Uniq:
mysterious deaths at night. bludgeoning and bite marks. maybe from menagerie in town. they’re heading west in a couple days.
Rat King has a lead on a female Cyclops.

Arc’teryx goes to adventure guild:
Gets a bit of info on Gruel

Rat messenger comes to guildhall door.
Menagerie in town heading West toward Gnome Lands. Includes a female cyclops whose is favoured of trainer.
The trainer is the only untamed thing.

Going to steal a cyclops
Carter the 1/2 elf runs the place
Header trainer Peony (she). Barbarian descent.
Barker Zell (tiefling)
They have a drake.

Fought Peony for a chance at the Cyclops (Grumphina).

Bought ad space for Auto Immolatio -10 gp. Need a banner. -5 gp

1 dose 7d6 sleepy poison -20 gp

Grumph mating ritual:
He is able to demonstrate to you by signs that he needs a large animal skin vest and new trousers,
he looks nervous for a second and also requests a bow tie and top hat.
Sander takes measurements.
-20 gp for cylops mating vestments.

Sander takes notes from Cyclops mating ritual. Sander goes invisible and records notes.
The moon is full, it is a gorgeous night as you guys return to your mostly finished house, peony taking a spot on the floor after ripping the bedding off one of your cots. It is a beautiful night of bellowing, sheep bleating, smashing, and wet squishing sounds in the near distance. It goes on for fucking hours.

Side quest complete for Grumph.

Travel west with menagerie at the behest of Peony.

-1 sp for 10 metal arrows for Sander.

Trogdor. Goat. Arena vs goat man. Wins fight. Empowered speech. Skins the goat man.

Adventure Log 32

Garn and Trogdor go carousing.
Trodor wakes up in barn next to homely looking girl. Collects high fives.
Garn wakes up to street urchins surrounding him. He’s intimidates them.

“Trodor for City Council” signs on everywhere. Ill tempered camels show up in town.

Breakfast at the Outrageous Dragon Inn. Next morning.

Garn comes back into bar.

Playing it like Garn totally went with us. Arc’Teryx recounts tale as if Garn was with us.

Arc’Teryx man-to-pig conversation. Stop adventuring with us, because he’s nearly died a few times. Stick around and be a non-combatant.

Unic was investigating an escaped cyclops… Sander gets drunk in the morning with Unic.

Proprietors of Outrageous agree to manage theater on our property.

Grumph looking for a mate.

Fabrique Monkay doing okay as steward. Has taken on a British accent.

Lot of red tape with Earl Jackson. Would be able to start in motion the expedition to Tinkerton and The Rift.

Run into Trodor followers, and a messanger. Missive from the council. Delivers letter and takes off running:

It reads, “Mighty Trogdor of the house of Trog. The council has great respect for your accomplishments in the arena and would honor you with the title of ‘Grand Ambassador’ of Travelers Rest. The title brings with it the most pressing duty of communicating the wishes of the town with the bandit leader, Gruel, who harries our shipments and even dares to attack the city guard within sight of our walls. The message you are to bring him is this, ‘Die’, and then you kill him. You are to represent the might of traveler’s rest to all bandits and enemies of traveler’s rest. To do so, you should head out of town and not come back for a while. Also, please ask your followers to stop bringing their camels into the inns with them.
The Grand Council, Traveler’s Rest”

Granted more land from council as well.

Arc’Terix composes the Balad of Gruel is a Dick.

Rumor: Gruel’s guys always target wagons…

Sander researches Cyclops mating:
Unknown mating ritual (due to death of observers)
Present female to male at home.
He presents gift.

Trap for Gruel’s bandits:
-15 gp cart
-8 gp donkey
-50 gp supplies
Added to property.

Trap doesn’t fool Gruel’s ambassador. Arc casts invisibility on cart, “there was no cart, it was a trap! you’ve been punk’d”

Fought bandit group near town. Took three hostages.
11 GP
24 SP

Trogdor interrogates:
Gruel is not nearby. Dictates what happens from afar. Gruel is to the northwest. Leader of this group was Bob. He gets messages from afar by sending. Gruel sent messages about being a messenger. Bandit leader has scroll.

Scroll recovered from bandit ‘ambassador’
“Say, ‘die’ and then kill him”

Start construction of Noble Estate with Manor
-25,000 gp
Cancel the library. Substitute in a Tavern. Guildhall has tavern and theatre.


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