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Adventure Log 39

Into Eastbourne. By and for smaller folk.

Tavern: Stout Oak. Modest place with small stage.

-9gp for the night. Price gouging! This town does not like medium sized creatures.

Arc’terix plays “Sammy got eaten by a tiny dragon”. Gets 4gp back.
Some 3 gnomes giving Urbane some rude comments. Roscoe goes over to handle the situation:
He suggests they buy us a round of drinks. (Intimidates)
Arc and Sander hat of disguise into tall versions of Roscoe.
Midget fight ensues. 12 thugs

“No murder in the bar” Arc’teryx quips, “yeah, gnome murder”
Sander buys drinks and reads.
Arc’teryx performs in the morning as “tall Roscoe”

Next town is middlebury.
Asked to declare foriegn fruits and vegetables at checkpoint into town.
Sander declares the Yunagu cake.
Arc’terix turns around and surreptitiously casts plant growth on the checkpoint. “There’s your fuckin’ vegetables”

Lodging: Zed Problema
Sander steals valuable books from the library. (75gp worth of books)
Arc & Urbane watch.

01: Some people are disappearing. Just a few at a time, but probably averaging out to about 2-3 a week. The guard is simply calling it emigration and start talking statistics about how the town is growing on the whole. Problem is that the people disappearing are not the kind of people who would just take off. They are established citizens, children, business people.
02 Clerics are in a bit of a tizzy. There are some unnatural things occurring. Sightings of ghosts and whatnot.
03 Some very random changes of fortune have occurred around town.

Sander and Roscoe investigate ghost:
Eyewitness acount of ghost pointing and looking at them. Gesturing out the window. “Ghost” was glowing and ethereal. Humaniod. Did not talk.
Continuing on ghost investigation to the witnesses house. Arc’terix casts fog cloud to help the creepiness of the area, because ghosts like creepiness.
Immediately precipitates weeping and sadness from denizens of alleyway.
Abductions happen in the a fog. Apparently missing people and ghosts are related.
Arc’terix makes a good argument that we should abduct a homeless person. Sander does abduct one and hands him to Arc.
Discovers evidence of physical altercation… so probably fake ghosts.
Urbane and Roscoe goes along.
Searching for remainder of the night came up empty.

Roscoe goes carousing: makes 8gp with pie trophy.

Sander gets woken up by woman ghost. Motions out the window.
We get the party and follow the apparition down an alley and it disappeared.
Find 3 figures abduction some gnomes.
2 were wolves and a pale woman. Got murdered by us.
3pp 82 gp
Plan to take the bodies back to the gate in the morning.


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