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Adventure Log 43

One time we killed two gorgons

Short west recovering from Manticore battle.

Manticore tails x 5

Heading back to Mac to collect rewards. 20 gp reward.

He reminds you that there are still the flying lizards to take care of, which have also been stealing livestock. He doesn’t have much money to pay you, but says it’s been hunted several times by people who don’t come back, so it’s probably built up a good stockpile of loot by now. It’s been seen circling the old halfling mine at Verdegris hill.

Get lunch and going on the way to the flying lizard.

Roscoe sees his “Freend” (fiend). Neither Arc nor Sander can see it.
Gives instructions to find phylactery of Trogdor. Looking for a rock. Find dragonborn in hill and ask him about it. Also, tell Arc’Terix to suit up.
Long Version
Yeah, so, it turns out that the world really needs trogdor, so I’m going to give you some help right now. I think it’d be great if you could head into the hill up there and talk with the dragonborn inside of it. Turns out that he can help you with the location of the phylactery!

Anyway, it’s probably a rock, because, you know, most of the matter here is rock, so yeah, guy, it’s probably a rock. Anyway, go in and ask the dragonborn there. Also, your boy Arc needs to be on his game for this, so tell him to tune up! He begins to shimmer as he stalks away into the trees and disappears.

Continuing on Mac’s directions to Verdegris hill & the mine entrance. Sign:
Bards Welcome. Everyone else fuck off.
Talking Squirrel is at the sign.

The squirrel rears up and states: “Beware and know that you are entering the domain of Kerdyr, The Bunny Killer. Woe to those who have no tales and who laugh not at his jokes.” This squirrel’s voice suddenly deepens to that of James Earl Jones. “You must face…um….THREE….NO! FOUR trials to gain his wisdom… or, he’ll just kill you anyway or something. The peril is perilous!” And with that, the squirrel scampers off.

Into the mine.

Nobody made it out of this corridor. There are bodies lying on the ground as if they all suddenly collapsed while completing various tasks, the flesh decomposing in a pile as if it simply fell off. Only the bones are left and they have odd tiny holes in them. The walls are pitted similarly.

Sander deduces the damage was acid.

Find some kobold alchemists that throw bombs. They’re tougher than they look.
50GP, Carved Wooden Staff (25 gp)

Take a long rest. Come back to the mine.

Find kobold chieftan. Arc’ illusions a large red dragon head. Roscoe runs in with “have at you!” Kobolds die. 30gp.

Clear lv 2.

100’ down into level 2. Deep rumbling voice, “two trials remain”

Sneaking from room to room collecting treasure:
1. Painted Glass Miniature (of a Castle) (25 gp)
2. Bronze Cloth Choker (25 gp) as well as 150 gold
3. Leather Mask (25 gp), 160 PP

4. Find two giant metal bulls (Gorgons). They died.
Eversmoking Bottle.
5. 1950 gp, all stacked very neatly with a beautiful black pearl on top: Pearl of Power

7. Galeb Durr and an Earth Elemental.
As you re-examine the area in the Northeast corner of the room you discover 70000 cp, Brooch of Shielding.

Disembodied voice throughout the mine:
“You’ve had a clue at the beginning and now another in this very room. Tell me about myself.”

Sander: You’re a copper dragon.
Correct answer. Doors open.
There is an adult copper dragon.


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