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Adventure Log 50

Arc’terix wakes up groggy and with memories… that Jerry escaped.


Arc’Teryx, the prior evening is something of a blur to you. You remember being somewhat distracted while playing your music and being fascinated by the cheese wheel that the chef had been serving from. You’d learned from your new friends, as you shared it, that it was eight years aged, from an exceptionally good year. In fact, you learned that the cheese was actually called:
Le Chevrot, and it proved that a mold/yeast-ripened goat cheese could be an entirely different animal from a fresh, lactic, lemony chèvre. It was the color of almond milk, and covered in the wrinkly, brain-like rind that is the calling card of the yeast geotrichum. Its flavor is sweet and mellow, with nutty undertones, while the snow-white center of the cheese had a mouthwatering tang….
…oh, that’s right, you’d made some new friends…
You remember them as several great guys with some bunched faces and excellent mustaches. They had taken you in and shared their own delightful cheeses with you in what turned out to be a solemn and intimate affair that brought you all very close together.

You remember also that something went wrong. Arrows from the wharf and a confused cacophony of shrieking, fleeing, and dying as your friends were run off or destroyed. You remember that Jerry had made it, slipping into the water and disappearing beneath the pier with a delightfully nutty pecorino romano. You remember your older friends coming to rescue you, dragging you from danger and now you have awakened here in your bed.


As you descend the stairs applause breaks out among the other guests. They loved you show last night. It had elements of song, dance, and an interpretive performance regarding the plight of innocent young lycanthropes in a large city full of hate. You also receive a bill for damages. It is 12 gold.

Recieved bill for damages to Inn for 12 gp. Payed 50gp asks for discretion. Apparently discretion is unfeasible.
. Innkeep says we could burn the place down for that amount.
Malchidek obliges with a firebolt to a table.

Discussing getting down the Tear is somewhat taboo.
Found note in pocket: (research facility or monks)
– There is a lowlands research facility at the edge of The Tear within the city of Cantilever. Sounds like it may be of interest to people seeking a way down.
– There is also a monastery of monks who are rumored to have discovered a viable path down from the cliffs to the lands below. They are located by the termination of the river at The Tear.
both options are to the West.

1k gp to round trip to Traveler’s Rest via gnome wizard means.

We check on our Tavern in town.

Uniq took care of the dwarf by murdering him (and taxidermied his head). Shit.
“Comb his hair” = “knife through the nose”
“Good morning” = “mount head as jackalope”

-250 gp for Uniq petty cash.

Sander tries to convince Arc’teryx to embrace it.

-600 gp for decorating Malchizedek’s room. Insanely over the top opulence. Good craftsman.
Hidden back panel on the dresser… manacles. Fur line them.

Warp back to Tinkerton
buy 5 potions of healing for 250gp (sander, malchizedek, 3x Roscoe)
bought potion of climbing for 180 gp (Roscoe)

Head out for monastery. As heading towards gates, Arc’terix nose perks up and sniffs air.
We follow Arc’s nose. A note is attached to a rock to the cheese:

The note reads: “Dearest rat brother, our overlord has ordered a meeting this evening and have requested that our entire clan attend. I know you’re new, but everything will be ok. There’s nothing to be worried about, he’s a totally nice guy.
The letter goes on to describe a location in the interior of the mountain.

We scope out the meeting place.
We go the the meeting. Arc disguises himself. The rest of us sneak and follow behind.

You find your way to the area described in the letter and you see your friend Jerry as well as a whole slew of were-rat’s there. He looks a bit worried. As you begin to make small talk he can’t seem to concentrate. As you’re looking at him there is a sudden silence as a man has ascended with unnatural speed and grace from the ladder leading down.

He begins to speak, looking rather bored, “Our time of triumph is nearing. Very soon my own clan will rise from below and spread dominion over these pitiful races left on the high-lands. They will be overcome and subjugated, placed into pens where they belong. You creatures, faithful servants all, will be honored by serving us in a land purified by death and darkness. Then our great master will come. The volumes are gather… he pauses and sniffs the air, his eyes turning fully black in their sockets. I smell true-flesh… a spy is among us, welcome and come forth.

Snapshot of Party Funds:
1288 pp
20148 gp
396 sp
2 Draft horses
1 Gem of Brightness
1 Wagon
1 Spell scroll 2nd level


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