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Adventure Log 38

New Dub Step Album: Portcullis Drop

Wheel and Lever on bridge. Note on lever says, “No”. Wheel connected to chain. Lever connected to wheel.

Tied rope to Roscoe (the halfling) with instructions to pull lever after we cross bridge.

Loud pang. Whizzing noise. Portcullisis drop.

Boat coming down river makes deal with OG bandits who were coming to blockade the bridge.
OG Bandits:
2 hobgoblin captains
3 hobgoblins
1 human veteran

Roscoe has very clever plan. Ties rope to boat. Sends boat downriver. Walks on water. Ties rope to OG bandit.
Unfortunately, bandit was suffering heat metal. Rope burns.

Bandits die by fire and shatter.

Boat crashes into bridge & portcullis.
Mage on board heats metal on gate. Follow up with ice storm. Shatters metal into jagged shards and fucks up boat.

Arc’teryx flies down to boat. Hits on the mage… in the personal let’s go on a date. He wins.

5 sailors and a mage on the boat.

Mage name: Urbanne Örignalier

Aar’teryx continues to woo mage successfully.

Sander shoots a couple of burning arrows onto boat. Roscoe “pushes” boat sideways into portcullis and hastens its sinking.

Looting the bridge:
800 cp, [8 gp accrued]
10000 sp, [100 pp accrued]
2100 gp, [210 pp accrued]
100 pp, [accrued]
Feathered Ribbon (25 gp), [accrued]
Pewter Statuette (of a Goddess of Law) (25 gp) [tossed into river]
Ceramic Miniature (of a Ship) (25 gp), [rocoe]
Fine Cloth Choker threaded with Electrum (25 gp), [gift to Urbanne]
Carved Wooden Medallion (25 gp), [accrued]
Potion of Resistance (fire), [roscoe]
Immovable Rod, [arc’terix]
Oil of Slipperiness, [roscoe]
Potion of Fire Breath [roscoe]

Arc’terix & Urbanne use 2 shatter spells to shatter the portcullis’s on the bridge.

Bridge bandits not able to be tracked back to gruel.

Eastbourne: First gnome town.

Lycanthrope screening on the way in. Some lycanthropes show up. We murder them.


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